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Knee Pillow: The Secret to Better Sleep!

Knee Pillow: The Secret to Better Sleep!

Getting good quality sleep is one of the most important things we can do for our health, yet, for many people, it is one of the hardest feats to accomplish each night. There are a number of ways to improve sleep; limiting screen time before bed to setting aside time to meditate, making sure your bedroom is dark and free from distractions, playing white noise in order to block out any extra noise, and more.

However, we have a secret solution that we’ve been keeping for far too long: the Knee Cube. Or, to put it in layman’s terms, the knee pillow. Ever heard of it?

Knee pillows, in our humble opinion, are just as important as head pillows. They help with alignment, keep your legs cool and sweat-free on hot summer nights, and bring noticeable improvement to the comfort of your sleepy nights. Need we say more? Honestly, probably not (if you’re not already sold on the epic nature of knee pillows, well, you must not love good sleep as much as us)—but we will say more, because proper alignment is our passion and sweat-free sleep is our favorite thing to advocate for. 

Keep reading to learn more about why knee pillows are a necessity and not just a nice idea, what makes our Knee Cube so special, and how to properly use our Knee Pillow.

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Why Do My Knees Need A Pillow?

You might be wondering why your doctor recommended using a knee pillow when you complained about not being able to get good sleep, or why your mom swears that knee pillows are the secret to a well-rested night. What is it about knee pillows that makes them so wonderful—and not only wonderful, but necessary? 

Knee pillows provide your knees with cushioning and support while you are laying down in bed. If you sleep on your side, then knee pillows can make a huge difference in your comfort levels because they help your knees to have better alignment. Just like a pillow for your head that helps your head, neck, and spine to be properly aligned, knee pillows help your lower back to stay aligned and alleviate pressure on your hips, knees, and ankles. Here at Pillow Cube, we specialize in helping side sleepers achieve optimal alignment while they’re sleeping—however, our Knee Cube can also be used under your knees if you prefer sleeping on your back.

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While knee pillows come in many different shapes and sizes, they are typically on the smaller side so that they fit comfortably between your legs. Here at Pillow Cube, our Knee Cube pillow is specifically designed with knees in mind—rather than simply being a normal pillow that you can fit between your knees like all the other knee pillows out there, our Knee Cube extends the length of your legs and is contoured to the shape of your legs so you can rest snug and supported.

Knee Pillow: Better Than Any Body Pillow Out There

Even if you hadn’t heard of knee pillows before reading this article, you’ve probably heard of body pillows—those super long pillows that can be hugged for a sense of comfort or tucked around you for support. While body pillows do serve a purpose, they are no substitute for the Knee Cube. Body pillows are flimsy and, while soft and cuddly, do not provide the support that you need during the night. Our Knee Cube is made of temperature-regulating memory foam, ensuring the perfect amount of support every single night.

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As you can see in the image above, our Knee Cube suits a variety of side sleeping positions. Whether you keep your legs tucked together, spread them out, or look like you’re prepping to shoot the winning score of a soccer game during your sleep, our Knee Cube will work for you.

Can Anyone Benefit From Using a Knee Pillow?

Our short answer? Yes. Our slightly longer answer? Yes, anyone and everyone can and will benefit from using knee pillows. Of course, if you wake up feeling sore and under-rested then you should definitely start using more supportive pillows for both your knees and head—but if you already feel like you’re getting good quality sleep, imagine how much better your sleep will be with the help of our Knee Cube! Knee pillows are especially important for side sleepers, but back sleepers can also benefit from sliding a pillow under their knees to relieve pressure from the knee joints. 

Which Is Better—The Original Or The Cooling Knee Cube?

While knee pillows certainly help ensure good alignment of your spine and alleviate pressure on your joints so you can wake up feeling rested and ready to get moving, knee pillows also help keep you cool during the night. If you hate the feeling of your sweaty legs touching during the night, you’re not alone. 

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That’s why we created the Cooling Knee Cube—just like our original Knee Cube, it features sexy contours that will fit snug against your legs just right, but it also features frozen fibers that will keep you cool all night long, guaranteed. 

Looking For More Than Just a Knee Pillow?

Here at Pillow Cube, quality sleep is our specialty and we have the perfect cushiony solution for your every need. Need a mattress that will support your hips while being soft on your shoulders? Look no further than our Pillow Cube Mattress. Want to keep your head cool as well? Our Side Sleeper Ice Cube Pillow is the perfect solution.
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