why can't I sleep at night even though im tired

Why Can't I Sleep at Night Even Though I'm Tired? New Research

Why Can't I Sleep at Night Even Though I'm Tired? New Research

We’ve all been there - lying in bed with what feels like ten tons of weight on your eyelids. You’re tired from the previous day, but can’t fall asleep no matter how hard you try. How unfair is that? Why can’t I sleep at night even though I’m tired? You worked hard on that assignment or partied your heart out, yet the hours are ticking by. Not for lack of trying, it seems out of your control.

Here at Pillow Cube, we are ready to help you turn your life around. Once you understand why you can’t sleep at night despite being tired through these common mistakes, you will be ready to take the world by storm. (or at least get up before noon.)

Why Can't I Sleep At Night Even Though I'm Tired? TEMPERATURE.

Trying to sleep in a sweaty and uncomfortable bed is like summer camping. No matter how exhausted you are, sleep won’t come tonight. You could spend a sleepless night messing with the thermostat to get the "Goldilocks Zone.” (If you dare to be that bold - you wouldn’t want to get yelled at for touching it!) Another potential “solution” is pointing a fan at yourself, which creates another problem of having a cold face throughout the night. We understand how annoying it can be to keep flipping to the cooler side of the pillow every few minutes, and that’s why we invented the Side Sleeper Ice Cube Pillow to keep you cool all night long.

Forgo the hassle of social media life hacks and invest in yourself by Side Sleeper Ice Cube Pillow. Forget being tired and not sleeping because once the chill of the frozen fibers hits you, the only thing left for you to do is have the most restful sleep of your life. The best way to keep this cozy train going is to get yourself a ZipFit Cooling Mattress Protector. It is like sleeping on a cloud that is the perfect temperature for you. Suppose you struggle to fall asleep despite being tired due to poor temperature control in bed. In that case, you can now kiss sweaty sleepless nights goodbye. If you would like to check out the entire collection of Ice Cube Cooling Pillows, you can do so here

why can't i sleep at night even though im tired

Why Can't I Sleep At Night Even Though I'm Tired: ANXIETY.

Whether Monday has unfortunately rolled around again or you have a big test the next day, whatever is keeping you awake doesn’t matter. If you try to sleep anxious, you are sentencing yourself to a restless night ahead. As your alarm clock seems to do a western standoff with you as the hours pass, the stress only spirals. Even though you went to bed on time, you only have five hours until the alarm assaults you awake. And now you’re worrying about the amount of time you’ve lost lying there, which adds even more stress. The longer you’re awake, the more it becomes a lose-lose situation. Your eyes weigh on you as you can’t sleep, regardless of your tiredness. Even if you do find a way to fall asleep, you may wake up worrying that you will miss an alarm or wake up late. 

how to fall asleep

So how do you fix this? Here are some ideas to calm your mind:

  • Set aside your cell phone and read. A great way to clear your mind before bed is reading and instead of doing that on your phone, grab one of those books that you bought and promised yourself you would read and actually read it. 
  • Write about your day. Thinking back on what you did this past day and putting that on paper is a great way to relax your brain and prepare to sleep. 
  • Listen to white noise. Sometimes all that you need to settle down for bed is some noise. It sounds counterintuitive at first, but it works. Some noises include rain, waves, train/plane ride, fan noise, etc. 
  • Take a Sleep Cubezzz. One of the most effective ways to drift off to sleep is by taking one capsule before bed. Our Proprietary Sleep Herbal Blend will put you out to sleep before you even have a chance to count sheep.

Why Can't I Sleep At Night Even Though I'm Tired? DISCOMFORT

The average person will spend a third of their life sleeping, so spend that time wisely in a comfortable bed. People don’t understand why they can’t sleep at night even though they’re tired but then will have an uncomfortable, old, creaky, itchy bed. When someone continuously sleeps in an intolerable bed, they aren’t giving their bodies a chance to get the best sleep.

Here at Pillow Cube, we want to provide you with the most fantastic sleep of your life. You no longer have to suffer sleeping on the same mattress your mom bought you in your first year of college. 

Pillow cube
  • Our Pillow Cube Mattress is firm to hold you, and cushion your body to support you as you sleep. The design of mattresses typically caters to someone who sleeps on their back, while neglecting the needs of side sleepers, relegating them to the middle children. Pillow Cube has specifically designed this mattress with side sleepers in mind, as it is made to support one’s spine and different angles. 
  • Our Pillow Cube Mattress Deluxe provides everything the previous mattress did, only better, like an older child. There is a higher-grade foam that yields even more comfort and support. We offer both mattresses from size Twin to California King. You can even do a full one-hundred-night trial on any mattress to grasp and appreciate the greatness of Pillow Cube truly. 

Why Can't I Sleep At Night Even Though I'm Tired? SCREEN TIME

We are all guilty of doom-scrolling our social media feeds into the wee hours of the night. Then when it is time to actually sleep, we struggle to do so. You could even be really tired during the day and are ready to sleep right when you come home, but then you can’t after scrolling through your phone. 

Here are three reasons why you can’t sleep at night even though you are tired.

  • You’re decreasing your production of melatonin with blue light. When you are using your phone, your screen emits blue light that decreases the amount of melatonin your body is producing, thus making you more alert and feel less tired.
  • The screen light is a fake wake-up call. When you are holding your phone two inches away from your face watching cat videos at 3 am, you are tricking your brain. What this does (other than make you question what you’re doing at 3 am) is tell your body that it is morning time and so it is time to be awake. The body is expecting to be awoken by nature's light telling it to start the day but confuses the phone light for the same purpose. 
  • Being on your phone can increase your anxiety. As you are scrolling, you may find out about a forgotten event or news of a tragedy. These are the types of things that will cause you to panic and not sleep.

Why Can't I Sleep At Night Even Though I'm Tired? FOOD & DRINK

Long day at work and you’re drinking exorbitant amounts of caffeine to make it through the day. You’re ready to sleep that night and just can’t fall asleep even though you are insanely tired. It just doesn’t make sense until you remember the energy drink you drank near the end of your day. Certain foods and drinks can act as stimulants and do exactly what you don’t want them to do, keeping you awake. Maybe next time you’re out to eat, it's time to swap your soda for water so you can get better sleep.

Food & Drinks to avoid when you are trying to have a restful night of sleep.

  • You should avoid caffeine, especially after 3 pm, if you have any interest in getting a good night’s rest. Some people might claim that caffeine does nothing to them and continue to drink their diet soda, but it can have a subtle effect on one’s sleep. Even though they might sleep through the night, they may not ever reach REM sleep and wake up feeling tired.
  • Another stimulant to look out for is Nicotine as it is common to keep you awake. Studies have found that the hit you get from vaping is actually much more intense than when you smoke, which will lead to even worse nights of sleep. 
  • Eating fatty and sugary foods can cause you to struggle to fall asleep as well. When Mom recommends that you just drink a glass of water and go back to bed, you might have to just take her up on her advice. If you do get some sleep, it might not be the best night of life as fatty and sugary foods tend to wake people up throughout the night.
  • Alcohol causes different reactions. For some, it helps them fall asleep, and for others not so much. For people who don’t struggle to fall asleep on alcohol, the night can be rough as can be with unfortunate rude awakenings from the alcohol. On the off chance, someone sleeps through the night, it is unlikely that they would have gotten healthy sleep with the lack of REM sleep.
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