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What is the Pillow Cube?


What's Pillow Cube made of?

How thick is your brick?

Use this handy chart to figure out which cube height is right to you
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    • Narrower Shoulders
    • Slighter Builds
    • Soft Mattresses
    • Medium Shoulders
    • Medium Builds
    • Medium Mattresses
    • Broad Shoulders
    • Bigger Builds
    • Firm Mattresses

Move Less - Sleep More

70% Americans sleep on their side, but 100% of pillows are made for back sleepers. The Pillow Cube makes it easier to sleep on your side by offering proper support for your head, alignment for your neck. When your body is comfortable during sleep, your move less and sleep more. Try the only pillow that is specifically designed just for side sleepers.
  • A pillow designed
    for side sleepers
  • No More stacking
    or folding pillows

Side sleeping is superior

Sleeping on your side is by far the best position for your health. It is better for blood circulation, digestion, preventing, or reducing acidic reflux and helps alleviate symptoms of sleep apnea and snoring (especially when sleeping on the left side). Side sleeping is also the number 1 sleeping position for spooning.
  • Better for your health
  • Better for spooning

Made of the best stuff

Think of the pillow cube as a bed of your head. We start of with mattress-grade high rebound viscoelastic memory foam infused with bamboo charcoal to absorb odors. We then wrap the tiny bed in absorbent washable cover. Each Pillow Cube comes with a stretchy-smooth double-brushed, custom-tailored pillowcase. And we make them right here in the US of A.
  • Made in the U.S.A.
  • Bamboo charcoal memory foam

This giant tofu block is changing my life. I have hypolordosis and my neck always hurts. My pain is reduced, I sleep better, and I am getting better mobility.

Alexander H.

I have been searching for a pillow for years. Then I found this tiny, weird, little pillow and knew I had to try it. This is seriously the best thing I have ever purchased. I heart you guys for making this.

Alexa C


How do I know which size to order?

Measure your head to bed distance by standing up straight with your shoulder against a wall and measuring the distance from the wall to your head. Subtract an inch from that measurement and that is most likely the pillow size you will want. (For example, if your bed to head measurement is 7 inches, you will want to buy the 6 inch pillow). Mattress firmness can also play a factor in pillow sizing. If you have a very soft mattress, you may want to subtract 2 inches from your bed to head measurement. If you have a very firm mattress you may want one of the thicker pillows, because your shoulder will not compress as much into the mattress.

What if I get the wrong size?

What if I also sleep on my back?