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The Perfect Mattress for Side Sleepers

Most mattresses aren’t made for side sleepers. That’s one reason you wake up with shoulder, neck, and back pain. The Pillow Cube Mattress is specifically designed for the needs of side sleepers. The top third is pillowy soft so your shoulder sinks in and the middle is supportive for your hips so that your spine is perfectly aligned. Now you can finally sleep comfortably and wake up refreshed.

What Makes It Different?
  • The shoulder zone reduces pressure on your shoulder to decrease pain
  • The hip zone provides support to align your spine and decrease back pain
  • Our unique, comfy combination of materials makes this mattress not only perfect for side sleepers but one of a kind
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Designed for Side Sleepers

Most other mattresses are either too soft and banana in the middle (killing your back) or they’re too hard for a side sleeper's shoulder and you wake up in pain.

We design mattresses specifically for the side sleeper's curvey and angles. We make the top third soft for your shoulder and the bottom part supportive for your hips.

Take a peek beneath the covers

Why should I get a Pillow Cube Mattress?

  • Fall Asleep Faster

    With our Plush Cube Cover and Breathable Bounce Back layer you'll be instantly cool and comfortable in any position.

  • Stay Asleep Longer

    Align your spine and enjoy a long, pain-free night's rest with our Premium Pillow Soft layer.

  • Wake Up Happier

    Our Firm Foundation Foam layer will ensure you wake up well rested with your shoulder cradled in comfort and your hip fully supported.

Soft on Your Shoulder and Supportive on Your Hips

  • Soft Shoulder Zone

    Shoulders are lower and uncomfortable to sleep on. So we made a pillowy soft layer.

  • Hip Support Zone

    Hips are higher and heavier. So we made a layer with plenty of hip support.

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Nic S.
United States United States


The pillow cube pillow changed my life and I take it with me even when I go on a trip. I had been looking for a new mattress for awhile and had recently purchased a Casper and returned it after a week. Then I bought a Serta mattress I thought wasn’t the worst thing in the world. But when I saw the announcement for the mattress cube I ordered it immediately. I was excited but skeptical. My friend had to help me with the king size mattress and when we laid down on it to test it out we both looked at each other in confusion and disbelief. We couldn’t believe how comfortable it was, it actually confused us because it was so amazing. I’ve been sleeping on it for about 8 months now and I feel the same way every night I lay down. Everyone should have this mattress.

United States United States

Super Cozy

I love my new mattress! Not only is it exceptionally comfortable, the cooling mattress cover helps with breath ability. I wish I would have purchased earlier. It’s a worthwhile investment.

United States United States

Switched from Purple

Switched to this after sleeping on a purple mattress for years, and holy cows. No more impinged shoulder pain in the morning! According to my sleep tracker, I wake up less in the middle of the night and I’m feeling better rested in the morning. Plus it’s more comfortable (I set them up right next to each other). Pillow cube mattress provides: +5 comfort +2 strength +4 mobility +10 sleep quality +10% xp gained for 24 hours Would highly recommend.

Nicholas A.
United States United States

So good I’ll have another

This review might sound a bit wacky. But I’ve been talking to a woman who lives in a different state for a couple of years now and we had planned on being together for a while. In June 2022 I bought a queen-size mattress, and in August I moved it down to where my girlfriend lives. Transportation was super easy; with a vacuum-seal bag and straps I was able to ‘restore’ it to its factory condition and roll it into a box. Simply put it is the greatest mattress we’d ever slept on. Her and I are still together but due to certain circumstances I had to move back to my home-state. I let her keep the mattress because she is less financially stable than I am and she deserves it much more than myself. It is so good I am definitely going to make the purchase again here soon. When I first laid down on it I was not used to the amount of comfort it provided in all the right areas. It’s good to be skeptical but if you don’t feel right, right away, do not worry! That feeling will subside within the first day of lying down on it. It is somewhat heavy but it truly feels like what I would imagine floating on a cloud would feel like. Not to mention the Pillowcube team has been some of the most helpful people in the business! Seriously try the mattress and you will not regret it.

Want Even More?

There's a DELUXE Option.

Pillow Cube Mattress Deluxe

Higher quality, pillowy soft foam and supportive, spine aligning pocket coils.
Check It OUt

Don't be like



It's the layers that make the magic happen...

  • 3’’ HyPURGel™ with ventilation on shoulders and legs
  • 3’’ of high-density transition layer
  • 4’’ of high-density support foam
  • Fire glass free cover (FR sock)

What is HyPURGel™? It is a special memory foam with gel that immediately responds and adjusts to your body's movements to provide optimal temperature control and rejuvenating, supportive comfort. It is a special combination of conformance and resilience.


Width x Length x Height

California King - 72 x 84 x 12
King - 76 x 80 x 12
Queen - 60 x 80 x 12
Full - 54 x 75 x 12
Twin XL - 38 x 80 x 12
Twin - 38 x 75 x 12


Your new mattress is probably the coolest thing you'll ever get in the mail! It is shipped by Fedex and comes in a super sweet vacuum sealed case that is rolled up to fit just right in our custom box. Open it and get some cool time lapse videos of it expanding to its full height!

Here are specifics on the package you'll receive:

Weight - 135 lbs
Length - 45 in
Width - 18.5 in
Height - 18.5 in

Weight - 117 lbs
Length - 45 in
Width - 18.5 in
Height - 18.5 in

Twin XL:
Weight - 70 lbs
Length - 42 in
Width - 15 in
Height - 15 in


We're glad you asked! What makes this mattress so special is that it's specifically meant for side sleep (the best sleep for you).

The top third of the mattress is softer to help take the pressure off your shoulder. This helps prevent pain in your neck, shoulder, and back in the morning.

The middle of the mattress is made with firmer foam layers to help support the weight of your hips, thus aligning your spine - PERFECTLY!

Why mattress companies haven't been doing this for years, we couldn't tell you.


Our back sleeper test subjects have loved the Pillow Cube Mattress and prefer it over their current mattress. While designed for side sleepers, it works well for all.



You can get a refund up to 100 nights after you receive your mattress. Go ahead and give it the old college try and see if it doesn't help you get the best sleep of your life.

What if my partner sleeps on their back or stomach?

Whether your partner sleeps on their back, stomach, or is a French Revolutionary we’ve got you covered. The Pillow Cube Mattress was designed to cradle side sleepers shoulders and support their hips but back and stomach sleepers have also reported increased comfort and better sleep due to our revolutionary new zoning support system. Don't loose your head over which mattress to get. Fight for a better sleep today!

We Reinvented the Mattress AND the Pillow for Side Sleepers

We reinvented good sleep with the Pillow Cube side sleeper pillow. When we sold over 400,000 pillows we decided to re-reinvent sleep...again with the Pillow Cube Mattress for side sleepers.

Pillow Cube has 13.6K Five Star Reviews ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐