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As a side sleeper finding the perfect sleep products can be difficult. If you took one of our products for a test drive, but now you have some questions or concerns, we would love to help.

Size Matters

How do I know which Pillow Cube size is right for me? In this video we'll show you how to measure the space between your shoulder and your noggin for the optimal Pillow Cube experience.


1. I just slept on my pillow for the first time and I was a little uncomfortable

While most of our customers notice an immediate benefit after switching to a product designed specifically for side sleeping, some find it takes some getting used to. We typically recommend trying a product for about two weeks to get accustomed to the size, shape and support.

Because side sleepers have been so neglected by the sleep industry many of us have formed some bad habits that may take some time to break.

2. I have a kink neck, I thought the pillow was supposed to fix that

It is... The problem might be that you have the wrong size. If you bought a thick pillow but really needed a thin pillow then you will probably wake up in pain.

Reach out to us and we can discuss your specific sleep issue and some potential solutions.

3. I selected the pillow you recommended based on my height, but it's not working...

Every body is different and there are lots of factors to selecting the perfect pillow.

Shoulder Width - Do you have unusually wide or narrow shoulders?

Mattress Firmness - If your mattress is soft your shoulder will sink in more and you won't need as thick of a pillow. If your mattress is firm you will need a thicker pillow.

Body Weight - Your body weight in combination with your mattress changes things. For example, if you are really light on a stiff mattress you will need a thicker pillow

If your struggling - reach out, we would love to help


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