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ZipFit Sheets

Sleepisfaction guarantee

We want you to have the most amazing sleep of your life. So if your not satisfied with your Pillow Cube for ANY REASON. Please contact us and we will return, refund, or exchange your pillow.

ZipFit Sheets Presale - Sheets Will Be Delivered January 2022

ZipFit Sheets

Bundle & Save!

From the geniuses who turned pillows into cubes comes a bedsheet with a zipper! PillowCube ZipFit Sheets create a 360 envelope around your mattress making it impossible for your sheets to come untucked.

The portion of the sheet you sleep on zips in and out of this protective envelope allowing you to easily wash your sheets without wrestling the mattress into submission.

Ready to have your mind blown one more time? The top sheet zips onto the foot of your bed, ensuring it will never come untucked and eliminating cold feet caused by the partner tug-of-war. With ZipFit sheets you will stay snug all night long.

Bundle with our PillowCube ZipFit Cooling Mattress Protector and you will never leave your bed again.

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Ice Cube Cooling Pillow
+$99.99 +$89.99
Made with Frozen Fibers our Ice Cube Side Sleeper Pillow will keep you cool all night long.
ZipFit Cooling Mattress Protector
+13999 +$129.99
The mattress protector will keep you cool all night, it also zips together to stay in place
** Presale will be delivered January 2022 **
The Cubit Comforter
+$174.99 +$164.99
The Cubit Duvet/Comforter is what you need to flip your bed from boring into a fluffy paradise. With a super soft hypoallergenic fabric and triple loft vegan down fill. The second you cuddle up in this amazing duvet you will never want to get out of bed again.
** Presale will be delivered January 2022 **
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• Super soft

• Super Stretchy

• Custom fit for your comfort

AVAILABLE IN SNOWY WHITE or in new colors and patterns.



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