60th birthday gift ideas

60th Birthday Gift Ideas—These 7 Don’t Miss

60th Birthday Gift Ideas—These 7 Don’t Miss

Hey, you! Seems you’ve come to a little predicament and need some creative ideas, huh? Don’t worry, we won’t tell your grandpa you had to come to us at Pillow Cube for advice on what to get him for his birthday. Pinky promise.

Here’s the thing, by the time you turn 60, your probably have most things you want and need. The goal is simply to show them you love them and care about them through a thoughtful gift. It feels good to be remembered, so don’t get too worried about finding the “perfect gift”. Here are a couple 60th birthday gift ideas to get you’re creative juices flowing.

1. A Pillow Cube—Give the Best Sleep of Their Life

It sounds dramatic, but it’s true. Pillow Cube Side Sleeper is life-changing…or we should say sleep-changing. Whether the 60 year old you’re celebrating is your dad, Grandma, friend, or sibling, they need their sleep and will thank you for this useful and unique gift.

If you want to make it more personal and add a touch of humor, consider designing a pillowcase. Maybe with their face on the front or with a funny quote like “60 and Fabulous” or “21 with 39 years of experience.” Who doesn’t love a good laugh!

60th birthday gift ideas

2. Cold Case Ice Cream (delivered right to their door!)

Do they love Ice Cream? (I mean let’s be honest, who doesn’t?) Cold Case Ice Cream was designed with gift givers in mind. They know it’s not always possible to milk your own cow and churn your own ice cream, so they graciously do it for you.

Cold Case will deliver a box of 6 pints, all different and unique flavors that rotate every month. It’s easier than ever to order online and ship it to their door. Plus, it will be the favorite gift they receive by far. Trust, we know from experience. People eat it up, both literally and figuratively.

pillow cube

3. 60th Birthday Gift Ideas—60 Love Letters

As fun as physical gifts are, they have an expiration date, whereas relationships can last a lifetime! By the age of 60, you most likely have a lot of people that have influenced you and that you have influenced. A unique and meaningful gift idea is to gather 60 letters (short videos are fun too!) of their friends and family members wishing them a happy birthday and sharing why they love them.

You may need to gift a box of tissues with this one!

4. A Gift Card for a Massage

Ok, this may seem like a generic gift but there is simply nothing more pampering and lovely than a professional massage. Help them help themselves! Plus, they get to spread out the birthday festivities and enjoy your gift on another day.

5. 60th Birthday Ideas—Take Them on a Date!

If no gift ideas are resonating with you, consider taking them on a date during the week of their birthday. Nothing shows love more than time—whether it’s a movie, lunch, dessert, a walk—and this will give you an opportunity to get closer with them.

6. A Framed Picture of Their Family

Sometimes it’s hard to find time to print and frame photos, so do it for them! You could even put together a small album of photos for them to flip through and remember fond memories.

7. Gift Them 60 of Anything!

60 balloons, 60 candles, $60 gift card to their favorite restaurant, 60 donuts, 60 cupcakes, 60 flowers, you get the idea.