Best pillows for kids

Sleep Safe! Best Pillows for Kids 2023

Sleep Safe! Best Pillows for Kids 2023

When asking adults who their best friend was when they were a child, most of them answer, “My stuffed animal, of course!” And for good reason, too. Those constant companions are there to listen whenever you have a bad day, they keep every secret, and they never refuse a hug or a cuddle. 

Like stuffed animals, pillows bring comfort to children during the night. It gives them a secure place to rest their head, something to hold onto, and something to share with their very favorite stuffed animal. For a child, a favorite pillow can be every bit as comforting as a security blanket.

Now, what if we told you that your child’s favorite stuffed animal and their favorite pillow could be one in the same? Well, at Pillow Cube, they are! We’ve specially designed and created Pillow Cubs, the best pillows for kids, travel buddy, and toy all in one!

Best pillows for kids

Best Pillows for Kids: A Pillow Cub

You read that right—there is something even better than a standard Pillow Cube, and that’s coming from us! Comfortable sleep is important for all ages, which is why we created the Pillow Cubs, the perfect pillow for all the miniature sleepers out there. We designed our Pillow Cubs to have a viscoelastic foam core, which will help your child fall asleep quickly and get deep sleep each night so they can wake up well-rested and ready to play, learn, adventure and live the best life they can starting at an early age.

Your child can choose from a variety of animals:

Pillow Cube

Sleep Safety: Are Pillows Really OK For Kids?

There has been some debate over the safety of pillows, but we are here to assure you that pillows are safe—and not only safe, but vitally important to your child’s health and wellbeing. Doctor’s generally advise not letting children under 2 years of age use pillows; but once your child is above the age of 2, letting your child use a firm pillow is safe. Just as pillows help adults maintain alignment in their spine, shoulders, and neck while they sleep, pillows do the same for children. Don’t wait until your kids are older to help them achieve optimal sleep health! 

Read more about what doctors have to say about introducing pillows to children.

At What Age Should Kids Start Using Pillows?

When your child was an infant, you probably tried everything to get them to go to sleep. Lullabies, soft pajamas, late night feedings, maybe even co-sleeping. Babies can and should sleep without a pillow. Whether they sleep on their bellies or on their backs is up to you; we would never tell you how to parent. Every child is different and finds comfort in their own unique ways. 

Best pillows for kids

It is recommended that children begin using pillows once they are over the age of 2. One sign that your child may be ready and could truly benefit from using a pillow (once they are at least 2 years old) is if they begin to sleep on their side. For back and front sleepers, pillows are still very important. However, side sleepers need pillows the most because in order for the head to rest comfortably and be in a healthy alignment with the rest of the spine, a substantial height and support is needed from a pillow.

It is also important to understand that even though your child may be ready for a pillow, that does not mean they are ready for an adult-sized pillow. The thickness and overall size of a pillow should be proportionally appropriate for each child. Luckily for you, we’ve gone ahead and created the perfect kid-sized pillow for our Pillow Cubs

When the Pillow Cubs are folded up into our signature square shape, they are 12 inches wide and 6 inches tall. This compact shape makes the Pillow Cubs ideal for travel and play—especially since, in its folded-up shape, is when they create the beloved shark, unicorn, sloth, or husky animals that kids love so much. 

are pillows safe for kids

When unfolded, the Pillow Cubs are 24 inches wide and 3 inches tall, making them the perfect height for proper alignment and comfort, as well as giving kids plenty of surface area to move around on during the night.

Best Pillows for Kids: How To Take Care of Your Pillow Cubs

Unlike most other pillows, Pillow Cubs are meant to go on adventures with your kids, rather than stay on their bed all day to only be used at night. As such, they are bound to get a little dirty. Of course, no one wants to sleep on a dirty pillow—which is why we’ve made the Pillow Cubs so easy to clean, no matter what adventure they accompany you on! Each Pillow Cub purchase includes a kid-friendly viscoelastic foam core, and a plush washable outer character cover in a character of your choice! When you need to clean your Pillow Cub, simply remove the washable cover, throw it in the wash, and it will be good as new by the time your little one needs to go to sleep.

Best Pillows for Kids… But What about the Rest of Us?

Want in on a secret? A little pro-tip, if you will? While Pillow Cubs are specifically designed for children, adults need support while sleeping, too! If you are an adult who struggles to get comfortable while sleeping, or wakes up with neck or back pain, you have been using the wrong pillow.

It’s incredibly important to use supportive pillows as you get older and your joints and muscles need more attention. The Pillow Cube (adult version of the Pillow Cub) is specifically made to align your spine while you sleep to give you a more comfortable sleep and wake up pain-free. Try it for yourself! 

But hey, there’s no rule saying you can’t use a Pillow Cub, even as an adult! (Shhh we won’t tell anyone).

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