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Unique Bedding Ideas to Upgrade Your Bedroom

Unique Bedding Ideas to Upgrade Your Bedroom

While there are many bedding Ideas to upgrade your bedroom, updating the style of your bedding and coordinating everything else with the colors, patterns, and textures of your bedding is one sure way to create a bedroom that you love. The bed is the focal point of every bedroom, and for good reason—sleeping, and relaxation in general, is the entire purpose of your bedroom. 

The bed takes up more space than anything else in the room, which means it captures the most visual attention and can have the largest effect on the vibe of any bedroom. You know how everyone says that making your bed is the first thing you should do in the morning? That simple task supposedly gives you a sense of accomplishment that will help you accomplish everything else you need to get done that day. 

However, we also think that making your bed is important for another very important reason—the look of a neatly made bed will make your whole bedroom feel more pulled together and organized, even if there is some clutter in other areas of the room. When choosing bedding for your bedroom, you’ll want to find something that will make you excited and determined to make your bed each morning. If you’re excited to make your bed and see the style of your bedding every day, that is a great sign that you made the right decision when it came to your pillows, blankets, and bedding accents. 

Aesthetic bedroom decor

Keep reading for some unique bedding ideas that will make your bedroom more styled, more restful, and more you!

Bedding Ideas: Zipper Sheets

Many people (mistakenly) overlook sheets, thinking that they’ll be hidden beneath the covers. However, sheets are the first step to transforming your bedroom into a place of intentional rest. Our ZipFit Sheets are perfect for anyone who struggles with making their bed in the morning, as the sheets are easily zipped into place in SECONDS!

Our ZipFit Sheets are also ideal for anyone who moves around a lot in their sleep. Even if you tend to kick the sheets off during the night, these ZipFit Sheets will stay in place. It is also important to keep in mind that, depending on how you style your bed, your sheets might end up showing even when your bed is made. It is generally a good idea to stick with a neutral color for bedsheets (a box that our ZipFit Sheets certainly check), especially if you generally opt for brighter or more busy patterns of comforters.

Zipper Sheets

Bedding Ideas: Invest in a Quality Pillow Cube

Here at Pillow Cube, we know a thing or two about pillows. Our Square Side Sleeper Pillow is the best side sleeper pillow you’ll ever find, as it is carefully designed to ensure proper alignment for your neck, spine, and head while you sleep the night (or day) away. Life is too short, it’s time to invest in a Quality pillow.

Pillow Cube

Of course, different pillows serve different purposes, and decorative pillows certainly play an important part in dressing up your bed during the day. While we do think that our Pillow Cubes are the coolest pillows around, we do know they might not have the same aesthetic appeal as the fluffy, inviting, eye-eye catching designs of throw pillows. Don’t worry, you can have both. Simply tuck your Pillow Cubes at the head of your bed and use them as a foundation for the rest of your pillows—they’ll be there for you at night when you really need them.

Decorative pillows

If pillows are your thing (and they definitely should be), then follow these pillow-arrangement rules:

  1. The largest pillows should always go closest to the head of the bed.
  2. The more decorative/textured pillows usually go at the front of the lineup, the better to admire all of its details and textures.
  3. The optimal pillow arrangement is usually three layers deep, though you might want more or less depending on how large your bed is.
  4. Incorporate various colors and textures, but don’t overdo it. Stick to colors that complement each other, whether they’re shades of the same color or accents. When it comes to patterns and textures each pillow should offer something different, whether that’s solid colors versus color combos, small versus large patterns, or subtle versus overt textures.

Bedding Ideas: Find the Comforter of Your Dreams

King size comforter

Comforters can have the largest effect on your bedroom’ style, but they’re also one of the biggest commitments you’ll make when selecting your bedding. Want a simple way around that? Use duvets! Duvets are slip coverings that can be used with any comforter, and they are an easy way to switch up your style from season to season without purchasing an entirely new comforter each time. With our Cubit Comforter, you can rest easy knowing you’ll stay warm and comfortable no matter what duvet you decide to dress it up with!

Use Accents to Transform the Feel of Your Room 

Sometimes, even one simple change can make your room feel like new. 

Headboards are one of the easiest ways to upgrade your bedroom, as they can take up as much visual space as you want and can either serve as a stand-out accent or be more neutral in color and texture in order to let the other elements of your bedroom decor truly shine.


In addition to headboards, using the wall space above your bed for art is an excellent way to pull in the colors and textures of your bedding and tie it in with the rest of your bedroom’s style. 

If you want to add more furniture to your room, consider a bench for the foot of your bed, nightstands, or a simple desk. Less is generally more when it comes to bedrooms, especially if your room is on the smaller side and you want to make it feel spacious. However, finding a new piece of furniture that complements the colors and textures that are already at play is sure to liven up your room.

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