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What Is Spooning & How Can a Pillow Cube Make it Better?

What Is Spooning & How Can a Pillow Cube Make it Better?

Cuddling with someone special is one of the best ways to wind down at the end of the day. Whether you prefer spooning, back-to-back, or face-to-face, there’s something so comforting about feeling the warmth of your significant other so close. A Pillow Cube can make this experience even more enjoyable, as it encourages comfortable side-lying. So, what is spooning and how exactly does a Pillow Cube help?

What Is Spooning?

One of the most popular cuddle positions in bed is commonly referred to as “spooning,” where you both face the same direction, with your bodies together the way the scoop parts of two spoons fit together. Often, the person in back has their arms wrapped around the person in front and is referred to as “the big spoon.” The person in front is “being spooned,” or is “the little spoon,” though size has nothing to do with it.

If you’re already a fan of spooning, you know how cozy and relaxing it can be. However, you’ve probably also run into a couple of problems, especially as the big spoon. Your arm can fall asleep when your partner lies on it, your neck can become kinked, and you may end up with your partner’s hair in your face. Fortunately, you can enjoy all the benefits of spooning without these struggles when you use a Pillow Cube

Variations of Spooning

Along with the traditional front-to-back spooning, there are a few more cuddle positions that are just as rewarding. Experiment with your partner to discover your favorites.

  • Half-Spoon - For the half-spoon, you can face each other or face away, using a Pillow Cube to lie comfortably on your sides. The idea is that you have a small amount of space between your bodies to prevent overheating. You can still keep your shoulders touching, your legs entwined, your arms around each other, or whatever you prefer.
  • Back-to-Back - This may not technically count as spooning, but another great way to cuddle in bed is with your backs or rear ends touching. If you want to lie close together but don’t enjoy someone breathing in your face, this is a fun alternative. Your Pillow Cube will support spine alignment and help you avoid lower back pain when remaining in this position for extended periods.
  • Sweetheart Cradle - For this cuddle position, one partner lies on their back, and the other lies on their side with their head on their partner’s chest. You can also use your Pillow Cube with your partner’s arm under your neck instead of lying on their chest.
  • Honeymoon Hug - This position involves lying face-to-face or face-to-chest and wrapping your arms and/or legs around each other. A Pillow Cube is ideal for lying in a side position longer and extending cuddle time.

  • How Does a Pillow Cube Help with Spooning?

    A Pillow Cube pillow has a unique shape that makes it ideal for side-sleeping, and incidentally, spooning. Its cube design perfectly props up your head and promotes neck alignment without putting so much pressure on your shoulders.

    When spooning, if both of you are using a Pillow Cube, you’ll notice a few key benefits.

    • When the “big spoon” puts their arm under the “little spoon’s” head, the Pillow Cube will still hold most of the head’s weight, so your arm won’t fall asleep, or at least, not as quickly.
    • Your head will be better supported when lying on your side, preventing sore neck muscles the next morning.
    • Your neck and back will be more properly aligned, helping to prevent other types of stiffness.
    • When facing the back of a long-haired partner’s head, there will be space for their hair to fall behind their pillow instead of directly in front of your face.

    Try New Cuddle Positions with a Pillow Cube

    Grab your own Pillow Cube and one for your partner, then make sure to try out some new cuddle positions. With your new square-shaped pillows and the tips above, you’ll be snuggling more comfortably in no time.