The Pillow Cube & Blanket Forts - Pillow Cube

The Pillow Cube & Blanket Forts

The Pillow Cube & Blanket Forts

Remember when you were a kid, and you would gather up all the pillows and blankets in the house and use them to build a giant pillow fort? Now that you’re an adult, it’s possible you haven’t done this in a while. If that’s the case, it’s definitely time to try again, especially if you have kids. 

You have a height advantage now that you didn’t have then, plus a longer reach and a better understanding of structural stability. Show your little ones how they can use their bedding to create a cozy space for all their favorite activities. Bonus points if you crawl in there with them!

How to Build a Pillow and Blanket Fort

If building a pillow fort doesn’t come naturally, or you’re looking for new ideas, use the tips below to learn how to build a pillow fort of epic proportions. 

Choose a Location

The first thing you need to do is choose the best spot in the house and prepare the space by moving furniture or cleaning up. 

Depending on the time of year, you may want to choose a spot near an air vent. In the winter, try building around the heat vent to create a cozy spot for keeping warm. 

In the summer, use a bedsheet over an air-conditioning vent and secure the outside edges with pillows. The cool air will blow in and cause the sheet to inflate into a fun, cool bubble.

Gather Supplies

Next, you’ll want to round up all the supplies you’ll need. Grab the largest and lightest blankets you can find or use bedsheets. Collect pillows from all over the house to make your fort extra comfortable. You can also use them to weigh down the edges of your blankets so they don’t fall. Finally, grab anything you can use to secure blankets in place, such as rubber bands, rope, chip clips, and books.

Get Creative

Consider which blankets or bed sheets will reach the furthest, what you’ll attach them to and how, and what you’ll need to make the inside as comfortable as possible.

Use sturdy chip clips or rubber bands to secure a bedsheet to the backs of dining room chairs.
Hang a string or jump rope across the room, attach it to furniture, and then drape a blanket across it.
Fill the inside with pillows for a super soft and comfy snuggle space.
Stack pillows or books on top of the edges of blankets to hold them in place.
Use Pillow Cube pillows that are square or rectangular for better stacking.
Use bean bag chairs or couch cushions for seats.
Use the back of the couch as one edge to hold up a blanket.
Use the dining room table as a roof and hang blankets down over the sides.
Put pillows or books on top of blanket edges on the seat of a chair and spread the chairs as far apart as possible without the blankets falling.

What to Do Inside a Blanket & Pillow Fort

Now that your fort is built, the real fun can begin. You can climb inside and hide from the world or use one of these fun ideas below.

Play card games or board games
Create a work-from-home space or a fun place for your kids to do homework
Watch a movie or binge your favorite series
Eat popcorn or other favorite snacks
Take a nap or have a sleepover 
Read alone or with your child
Create a coloring or drawing station
Play with LEGOs or building blocks
Build a road out of masking tape that runs throughout the fort and drive toy cars on it

The Best Pillow Forts Use a Pillow Cube

Stock up on Pillow Cube pillows before building your next pillow fort and stack them like bricks for outside structural support or get comfy and lay on them inside. Learn how to build a pillow and blanket fort that will stand strong and outlast the fun.