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Side Sleeper Pro

Side Sleeper Pro What makes this a pro?

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Most people hunting for the perfect side sleeping pillow give up in frustration. They never even make it this far.

Designed by side sleepers, for side sleepers, with the help of side sleepers. Every single detail of your Side Sleeper PRO— from the firmness to the inner foam to the breathable soft cover— has been considered, crafted, and tested in our lab. All to deliver the best sleep of your life.

Not to sound cocky, but your Side Sleeper PRO will fundamentally change how you sleep.

The average shopper spends 29 seconds on a product page. It's impossible to properly explain what makes the Side Sleeper PRO so amazing in 29 seconds.

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Pillow Cube Will Help You: 

  • Fall Asleep Faster
  • Stay Awake Longer
  • Stop Neck Pain
  • Stop Back Pain
  • Wake Up Happier
  • How We Did It

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5” Pillow: Most Popular Size*

5” Pillow Most side sleepers prefer the 5” Pillow. The average size for our above average pillow. Still not sure? Take the Size QuizZZ.


Pillow Cube Will Help You:

• Stay Cool All Night

• Fall Asleep Faster

• Stay Asleep Longer

• Wake Up Happier

Twilight Gray Perfect Fit Pillowcase

• Super soft

• Super Stretchy

• Custom fit for your comfort


Pillows aren't created equal. There are many styles available online and before starting this looooong project we tested them all.

We then got started on finding the perfect foam formulation.

We thought this would be easy.

After testing nearly 1,000 different combinations (no exaggeration) we nearly gave up. And then, in the end, stumbled on ‘the one.’

Turns out, it’s the memory foam core that makes all the difference. Three things stand out:

  • The core is built with special temperature regulating material. This keeps things cool.
  • The memory foam has to be perfectly balanced, not too firm or soft. This may seem like a simple “split the difference” situation, but it isn't. Precise calculations are needed to get the density just right. Off by even a little and it’ll affect overall sleep quality.
  • Will last you years. It’s relatively easy to find some cheap memory foam that performs well for the first 30 nights. It’s an entirely different matter to engineer something that will hold its shape for years.
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