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Pillow Cubers are popping up everywhere, chances are you know someone who’s converted to the cube. If not we’d love to introduce you to some of our five-star reviewers who love Pillow Cube.

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Pain Relief Reviews

BA Halford

First night with my new pillow….. I only woke up one time the entire night. This is the first time since 2015 that pain hasn’t distrubed my sleep 3-5 times per night. 😳

Matthew Cronnon

Got mine last weekend and it’s worked great. It’s actually helped with lower back issues just from sleeping aligned. Honestly that could be just a coincidence but I don’t think so.

Jeff D Rosenberg

Hands down the best pillow I’ve ever slept on. It has helped my neck pain tremendously!!… I am truly grateful for this pillow!! I have tried almost every pillow out there.

Sam Krochak

I have had sleep issues for years, and gone through countless pillow types/combinations of pillows… this pillow has been perfect. I do not wake up with neck or shoulder pain anymore.

Scott Caldwell

Hi everyone. So this pillow for real changed my life after 30 years of messed up sleep. In one moment. It’s phenomenal, and My migraines are gone. ALL HAIL THE CUBE

Tossing and turning?

Sleep Quality Reviews


09 Mar 2021

Decided to try out the pillow cube (don’t tell ME viral marketing doesn’t work) and I have to say I’m impressed. Haven’t slept fully on it yet but I’m expecting a good night sleep tonight


03 Nov 2020

Best pillow you can buy. Anyone with back or neck issues this is your pillow. Goodnight! #imwithcube #pillowcubepro


13 Nov 2020

If you’ve been sleep deprived since the Election, you’re in good company. The bags under my eyes are now designer. I’m a side sleeper and I always have been. Every night, I surround myself with pillows hoping I’ll wake up without neck pain. I’ve never been able to find a pillow that supports my neck, helps me fall asleep, and avoid nightmares about Mitch McConnell....

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15 Feb 2021

How many of you guys own a @pillowcube? 🙋🏻‍♀️Trev and I are up to 3 (and counting) we are OBSESSED!! If you are a side sleeper, and have neck/back pain.. this is the pillow for you.. and if you are not a side sleeper..

#PillowCube #SideSleeper #Naps #RestUp #SleepingBest


17 Feb 2021


21 Dec 2020

Not long ago I got a pillow cube for my husband as his birthday gift (perfect gift for side sleeper by the way 😆), however this little cute cubed pillow was too comfortable, and I kept stealing the pillow from him for napping. 😂 Long story short, my husband decided to get me one for Christmas. Check out this cute pillow. ❤️ @pillowcube

That pillow is weird..

Doubters No More Reviews

Adam Nguyen Le

I’m a super duper sensitive side sleeper. I was a little hesitatnt and apprehensive about getting a new pillow. Man I slept like a log the first night with this bad boy. Definitely get the pro.

Kasey Lynn

At first I was skeptical because of the price. I kept thinking who in the world would spend almost $100 on a single pillow…Best purchase ever! It’s definitely worth the money! 🙌

Elaine Driskill

I’m on my second day of NO PAIN…did you hear me? NO pain in my neck. I just got the pillow cube and was so skeptical but wow. It really works. It’s just like their side view example. I love this pillow.

Peter Brown

I had some neck pain the first week or so. Some spasms in my neck and just tight muscles in general. But after about 2 weeks and my body getting used to it I have to say this is the best pillow I’ve ever had.


I wasn’t sure if it would make a noticeable difference in my sleep but after endless nights of restlessness the change was really obvious and awesome!

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