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Zipper Bedding—Say Goodbye to Messy Beds!

Zipper Bedding—Say Goodbye to Messy Beds!

If there’s one chore that everyone seems to either forget about, not deem important enough to accomplish daily, or even outright hate, it’s making the bed. If you’re like most people, you might wonder, “Why make a bed when you’re just going to un-make it later that same day—or even in a mere matter of hours, if I want to take a nap?” 


Believe it or not, making your bed is one of the best ways to improve your overall mood and set yourself up for a productive day. It may not seem like much, but seeing a neatly made bed does wonders for creating a tidy, organized atmosphere in your bedroom, which can then translate into all other areas of your life. However, making your bed in the morning can be one of the hardest tasks to get done. If you’re rushing to make breakfast, get dressed for work, and make it out the door in time, making the bed probably falls lower on your list of priorities. 

Have no fear—that’s where Pillow Cube steps in to save the day! After designing the Pillow Cube to help align your spine while you sleep, we created the perfect zippered bedding to make your bed easier than ever before. That way, you can zip up, throw on the pillows, and head on your way!

zipper bedding

Zipper Bedding: What is it and Why is it So Awesome?

Here at Pillow Cube, we’ve created ZipFit Sheets to solve all your messy-bed problems. Zippered bedding is bedding that fits your mattress perfectly, and instead of reaching across the bed and trying to tuck sheets in perfectly (which we all know is a nearly impossible task), making a bed with zippered bedding is only as hard as pulling the zipper all the way around! 

Zippered bedding is perfect for busy adults, young children just learning to make their beds and teenagers alike. It takes away the annoying parts, like reaching under corners and pulling a crumpled sheet from the foot of the bed, and makes it easy to start your day by accomplishing a task that will set you up for an organized, positive day ahead!

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What Makes Pillow Cube’s Zipper Bedding Unique?

While zippered bedding is not exclusively our idea, Pillow Cube really has perfected the art of zippered bedding with our ZipFit Sheets. Not only are they ridiculously easy to zip up in the morning, making the making of your bed the breeziest thing ever, but they also zip in ways that improve your nightly rest. The top sheet zips securely along the foot of your bed, which means it will never get untucked, and your feet will never encounter cold air during the night. 

ZipFit Sheets also allow for easy washing, with the top layer easily zipping in and out. And if you’re looking to stay cool, check out our ZipFit Cooling Mattress Protector, which you can easily use together with our ZipFit Sheets. Simply zip the cooling mattress protector onto your mattress, then zip the ZipFit Sheets over for the cool, stress-free bedding of your dreams.

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