Top 8 Reasons You NEED a Pillow Cube - Pillow Cube

Top 8 Reasons You NEED a Pillow Cube

Top 8 Reasons You NEED a Pillow Cube

You, like many others, have come across the glorious Pillow Cube. You love the idea and you think this could finally be the answer to all your sleep problems, but you’ve never seen anything like it. Many questions, I assume, are running through your mind about how or if it will work. Let me ease your anxiety and inform you on why the Pillow Cube is a necessary purchase. From least great (still great) to the greatest; here are the top 8 reasons why you NEED to buy a Pillow Cube. 

8. Non-edible 

The Pillow Cube may look like a marshmallow, but don’t be tempted to eat it because it’s actually just a pillow. Why does this benefit you, you may ask? You get to enjoy the best parts of a marshmallow, the fluff, and the comfort, without getting all sticky. The cube proves to be just as soft, desirable, and shapely as a marshmallow. So cuddle up to your comfy mallow with other treats to eat so you won't be tempted to take a bite of your cube. 

7. Pillow Fight

If you want a friendly, movie sleepover type of pillow fight, then you can keep using your crappy feathered pillow. However, if you’re a winner, you’re going to need the Pillow Cube. Even better, the Pillow Cube Pro. A feathery pillow will never hold up against a solid cube. The Pro allows space between you and your opponent. You can hit them but still be at a distance so they can’t hit you back. Not only does it give you space but it’s a solid piece of foam that’s guaranteed to have more “oomph” than any other pillow. Your pillow fight victory is secured when you use a Pillow Cube.

6. Pillow Fort

Ever heard of Minecraft? Pillow Cube can be the real-world version when paired with a little imagination. Talk about the best pillow fort ever! No need to go out in the winter and spend hours building an igloo just to walk back inside to warm up. Now you can stay in the comfort of your own home and build a supportive, comfortable, perfectly fit together pillow fort! It’s something you and your kids will both love–not to mention an easy cleanup. Forget about blankets tied to kitchen tables, chairs, or tucked under couch cushions. All you need for the Pillow Cube fort are Pillow Cubes. It’s easy to clean up and you don’t have to redecorate before, during, or after play.

5. Pet friendly 

You know what they say, great for the whole family. Pillow Cube, however, includes the family pet! The pillow that provides the perfect solution for spine alignment and noggin support can still be enjoyed by those who aren’t side sleepers. No matter who you are, human or animal, the cube is desirable by all!

4. Cuddling 

Before Pillow Cube, spooning was never enjoyed by both parties. One person always had to suffer in uncomfortableness with a numb arm. But now, with a Pillow Cube, you don’t even have to worry about the awkwardness that comes when asking your cuddle buddy to move every 10 minutes to get comfortable. Both parties can enjoy the spoon while getting optimal spine, neck, and noggin support. 

3. Perfect for Travel

The Pillow Cube is great for travel because of its small size, its ability to compact easily, and because you can sleep on it sitting up. However, the cube goes far beyond conventional travel pillow qualities. Though you can place the pillow on your lap, your table, or between you and the door to get some z’s, the cube provides way more than quality sleep while traveling. 

If you’re not convinced, be sure to check out the facts here.

2. The Side Sleeper Solution 

If you’re a side sleeper, you can relate to the fact that there is an issue with your plain old regular pillow. You’re always waking up with aches and pains in the shoulders, spine, neck. Not to mention the dead arm. We’ve all been there. Side sleeping is one of the most beneficial positions to sleep in, but only when there is actual support being offered. 

Luckily for you, the Pillow Cube offers this support. It gives you optimal space between your shoulder and neck and a firm, yet comfortable, the foundation for you to lay your head-on. This way, you aren’t waking up with a cramped shoulder, neck kinks, or any of those undesirable pains from sleeping with a crappy pillow. We’ve given you a way to sleep on your side comfortably so you can truly contribute to your health. 

1. Health Benefits 

Like I said before, side sleeping is one of the “healthiest” sleep positions for your body. If the edibility or cuddling factors of this cube didn’t convince you, let's get into the cold hard facts. To name a few, side sleeping helps digestion, reduces heartburn, boosts brain health, and can reduce snoring. And let's be honest, we could all use a little more of that. Including these benefits, we have an entirely separate blog post solely dedicated to the benefits of side sleeping. If you want to, and you should, learn more and be fully swayed to buy a Pillow Cube head over to that post, which you can find hereAs great as all these benefits are, they're only applicable if you're getting proper support while in the side-sleeping position, and that's where the Pillow Cube steps in. The cube gives optimal support so you can get the most out of sleeping on your side! 

If you’re still not convinced that you absolutely need the Pillow Cube to help your overall quality of life, then you may need to check in with your doctor as this could be a serious side effect of helplessness, or better known as the inability to act effectively for oneself. If you are convinced and have made it this far, here is a link so you can purchase your cube today!