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Holidays with the Cube

Holidays with the Cube

The holidays are for seeing loved ones–overeating, visiting, catching up. There’s nothing like seeing a loved one that you haven’t seen in a while. After a good turkey Thanksgiving meal, it seems that hanging out with your loved ones is the sweet nectar of life. When I lay my head down on their soft memory foam and shut my eyes. Oh… so sorry, I was just talking about my loved ones… my cubes.

The feeling of seeing your pillows in your bed is like seeing the first Christmas lights hung in your neighborhood. Taking a nap with your pillows is like your sweet grandmother tucking you into a way too fluffy bed. A sleep with your cube is like a Christmas Eve sleep, but you actually go to bed and have dreams of sugarplums–whatever those are. 

Pillow Cube started celebrating Christmas before Thanksgiving and before Halloween… oh, and before the 4th of July. Our present shape pillows keep the holiday spirit alive all year around. It is the gift that keeps on giving every night for 365 days a year, it even comes with a leap year guarantee for 366 nights, too! Put your noggin on it’s own nice list, and treat it to a present shaped cube that is made from charcoal infused foam. Give your spine the alignment that chiropractors dream of on Christmas Eve. 

We are getting ahead of ourselves, it’s Thanksgiving time. Spend time with your loved ones–you know what we mean. Take a post turkey nap. Use this time to be grateful for the new best friends you just ordered on The holidays are for sleep, and Pillow Cubes have a PHD in sleep, and a master’s in guarantee. Keep your loved ones close these holidays.