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QuadPay FAQ

QuadPay FAQ

What is Quadpay?

QuadPay enables you to split your payments up into 4 equal installments–interest-free! 

How do I sign up for Quadpay?

You can sign up during the checkout process on pillowcube.com–just choose QuadPay as the payment method and you’ll be redirected to sign up.

How does it work?

Your order total will split into 4 installments to be paid over 6 weeks. You’ll pay 25% right at checkout and another 25% every two weeks.

Will it affect my credit score?

No. QuadPay doesn’t perform a hard credit check on a customer and there is no impact on a customer’s credit rating.

What information do I need to sign up?

For the initial sign-up, you’ll provide your date of birth, a mobile number, and a debit or credit card. You'll know immediately if you are approved.

How do I qualify to use QuadPay?

In order to use QuadPay, you must meet the following requirements:

  • Live in the US
  • Be at least 18 years old
  • Have a valid and verifiable mobile number
  • Use a US credit or debit card to make a purchase

Do I need to pay in full before my order will ship?

The product will ship at the same time it would if you paid with any other payment type.

Are there any fees?

Quadpay offers interest-free installment payment plans.

The only types of fees that customers using QuadPay Checkout may be charged currently are late fees, as provided in our terms of service, subject to future amendments. Note that certain merchants may assess their own fees for users who use QuadPay Checkout on their sites.  

How do I get refunded if I purchased with QuadPay?

Refunds are processed on your account as soon as we notify QuadPay of the return or cancellation. Once notified, payments made to date will be refunded back to you within 15 days. Any future scheduled payments will be canceled.

Learn more about Quadpay here.