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How to Wash your Silkies (Pillowcases, that is...)

How to Wash your Silkies (Pillowcases, that is...)

We see you. Our luxury cubists with your pillows sumptuously wrapped in silk. You lay on your pillow on your chez lounge, gazing wistfully at the white sandy beach as a soft sea breeze gently billows the chiffon curtains around you. You lazily lift a chocolate covered strawberry to your mouth when **gasp!** the strawberry releases itself from your tender grasp and lands directly onto your silk pillowcase! Alack! But what to do? Can anyone save you from the predicament in which you find yourself??

 Sure, we can help you with that! While our silk pillowcases are delicate and need to be hand-washed, the actual process of hand-washing these pillowcases is not difficult or time consuming. In fact, you can knock this out in four easy steps!


 1.) Preparation: Strap your cleaning gloves on and fill a small basin or sink with cool or cold water (water should be feel cool to the touch) and add a gentle detergent.

  • Various laundering websites recommend Woolite or Ivory soap as good detergent possibilities. We here at Pillow Cube don’t have a favorite gentle soap or detergent but, whatever you choose to use, PLEASE ensure that it’s gentle soap or a detergent suitable to be used on silk and not a regular or harsh detergent.
  • If your pillowcase is the only thing you’re washing, you won’t need much detergent or soap. You only need enough to get a good sudsy bath for your pillowcase to soak in.


2.) Washing: Place your pillowcase in the soapy water, zipper closed, then gently stir it around, and then it sit for a few minutes.

  • Silk releases dirt and other stains pretty quickly so this part shouldn’t take long! For deep or set-in stains, you may need to allow about 20-30 minutes for the silk to soak.
  • Keep checking on your pillowcase and, when it looks clean, drain the soapy water and move to Step 3.


3.) Blot Drying: Do not wring your silk pillowcase out and don’t toss it in the dryer! This is important! The best way to dry your silk pillowcase is to lay it out on a dry towel and use the surrounding towel (the towel without the pillowcase on it) to blot dry the case.


4.) Drip Drying: When you’ve done the best you can to blot dry your pillowcase, drape it over a padded bar or hanger and hang over the tub to drip dry.

  • If you don’t have a padded hanger, you can drape a small towel over the hanger or your shower bar and then drape the pillowcase over the towel.
  • Drip drying should only take about 60-90 minutes.


    Once your case is dry, you can place it back on your pillow and recommence luxuriating. After all, those strawberries aren’t going to eat themselves…