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Old fashioned pillows are made with cheap foam dumped into a sack. But side sleepers need more support, and we will try anything to get it; folding, stacking, nothing works.

Pillow Cube fills the gap between your bed and your head, aligns your spine, and supports your noggin.

Our customers report that they get better sleep, wake up pain free and full of energy.



Your new Pillow Cube is not just a block of foam. This is ultra premium, high tech, breathable, supportive yet marshmellowy soft, space aged, blow your mind, block of foam.

The nerds in research and development literally tested thousands of formulations to create the perfect combination for side sleepers, and we assemble them right here in the US of A.


Science Meets Sexy

Soft and Supportive: we tested thousands of different types of foam to come up with the perfect soft yet suprizingly supportive core.

Breathable: Waking up hot and sweaty is the worst. Thats why all Pillow Cube products use breathable fabrics and materials. Because it's just better.

Science of the Shape: A square pillow might not look comfortable. But the reality will totally surprise you. Yes it's soft, but the secret is the square. Filling that pillow hole lets you completely relax your neck.

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Soft, Supportive, Breathable & Durable

Which size cube is right for me?

One size does not fit all. Find the pillow that is JUST RIGHT for your RIGHT ANGLE.

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How do I know which size to order?

Take our PRODUCT QUIZ to find the perfect fit for you! If you need further assistance, reach out to our support specialists at

“What if I sleep on my back?”

While the Pillow Cube was specifically designed for side sleepers, we have heard from some side/back sleepers that they enjoy the pillow too! But all in all, the pillow is intended for side sleepers.

Where do you ship to?

We currently ship within the United States.

What is in the foam?

Our high-quality foam is made of breathable, viscoelastic polyurethane.

What is the pillowcase made from?

The pillowcase is made out of polyester and spandex.

What is the cover made from?

Our quilted cover is made from polyester.